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Lingang Laboratory is a newly established research institution in China that focuses on addressing critical technological challenges in biomedicine and neuroscience. Its primary objective is to develop strategic scientific and technological expertise in life and health sciences, foster original innovation, and advance groundbreaking advancements. The laboratory targets original research projects with an emphasis on brain mapping, brain-machine interfaces, neuromorphic intelligence, fundamental neuroscience research, identification of novel drug targets for complex diseases, as well as innovative technologies and methodologies for drug research. Lin Gang Laboratory's strategic location within the Lingang Special Area of Shanghai, China, offers numerous advantages, such as preferential policies, advanced infrastructure, and close proximity to other high-tech industries. This unique environment enables the laboratory to attract top-tier researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors, further solidifying its status as a leading innovation hub in China and beyond. By leveraging its resources and expertise, Lin Gang Laboratory is poised to make significant contributions to the global advancement of science and technology.

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