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The Pengcheng Cloud Brain is a significant network intelligence infrastructure situated in Shenzhen, China. The facility has developed an open-source AI technology experimental platform called "Pengcheng Cloud Brain I" and is constructing a large-scale AI computing platform named "Pengcheng Cloud Brain II," which combines research and empowerment. "Pengcheng Cloud Brain II" offers no less than 1000P ops of whole-machine AI computing power and 64PB of high-speed parallel scalable storage. It comes equipped with 200PB storage and hundreds of GB-level network transmission rates, making its AI computing power at the international advanced level. Through this platform, the laboratory has created two fully open-source Chinese NLP large models: Peng Cheng Pan Gu with 200 billion parameters that empower biological medical exploration; Peng Cheng Shen Nong with 20 billion parameters; as well as visual and cross-modal pre-training large model Peng Cheng Da Sheng.

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